Terms & Conditions

Terms & ConditionsTerms & ConditionsTerms & ConditionsTerms & ConditionsTerms & ConditionsTerms & ConditionsTerms & Conditions

Prices are based on currency exchange rates, in American Dollars.
Details of particular itineraries and hotels described in this brochure may be subject to change since publication of this brochure. Verify with your Travel Agent as to whether changes have occurred in the price or itinerary before you book. It will always be assumed that the prices that are quoted at the time of quotation are deemed accurate and will be honored but are subject to unforeseen changes.

Reservation and confirmation

Reservation – to be made either through your local travel agent or directly to A CLASS TRAVEL.
Upon confirmation of a reservation, a minimum of 25% of your tour cost is required. The total package tour price should be paid not less than 30 days prior to departure.


Cancellation must be received in writing and will be subject to the following cancellation fees applied per person, per arrangement
* More than 30 days before departure – Loss of deposit
* Less than 30 days before departure: – 25% of land cost
* Less than 15 days before departure: – 50% of land cost
* Less than 10 days before departure: – 100% of land cost

Communication Charges

In the event of additional communication charges due to client requests that are deemed over and above standard procedure the costs will be charged to the client but at the discretion of A CLASS TRAVEL . You will be advised of the charges as they are incurred. Failure to pay these costs may result in cancellation of the booking.

Reservation amendments

Where a client requests a change of name, tour, hotel or travel date, no amendment fee will apply. Note that if travel documents have been issued such as airline tickets, reissue fees will be charged if applicable to A CLASS TRAVEL . Amendments within 42 days of departure may result in operator problems, inability to confirm and/or delays in receipt of travel documentation. Communication and/or courier charges may also be incurred.


No partial refund will be given for unused or cancelled services after your tour
arrangements have commenced unless authorized by A CLASS TRAVEL .


By cash, credit card or bank transfer. Except for cash payment, service and bank charges may apply.


Agent’s voucher or A CLASS TRAVEL voucher are to be issued for all booking
arrangement. A copy of the client’s itinerary must be enclosed with the voucher and should
inform to A CLASS TRAVEL at least 10 days prior to the client’s of arrival or beginning of the arrangement booked.


This brochure represents the entire agreement between the passengers and A CLASS TRAVEL (here in called the operator). The operator acts on behalf of the hotels, airlines, bus companies, railway operators, or owners or contractors providing accommodation, transportation or other services (here in called the Principals) by the principals.

A CLASS TRAVEL is not responsible to the passengers for, negligence or otherwise, any loss, injury or damage to persons, property or otherwise in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other services. Neither Operator nor any parent, subsidiary or affiliate company shall be or become liable or responsible for any additional expense or any of the foregoing cause. The Operator does not accept any liability for failure on the part of the transportation companies whose responsibility is confined to their own operations. The Operator, or its Associate(s), while taking every care with passenger’s luggage or property, shall not accept any liability for damage, loss, or inconvenience in the handling thereof. A CLASS TRAVEL reserves the right to terminate the tour of any individual that is seen to be behaving in anyway unlawfully or dangerous in regard to the rest of the members of the tour.


A CLASS TRAVEL would like to emphasis that any liability on our behalf will be limited to the maximum cost of the tour in accordance with the following terms and conditions A CLASS TRAVEL does not accept any liability in terms of loss or damage with regard to any situations beyond our control such as fire, natural conditions, disasters, weather conditions, government intervention or rescheduling of flights. We will do all within our reasonable control to ensure that the tour requirements are meet and maintained in a good manner of business performance. The right to cancel the tour due to situations that are outside the standard terms  and conditions of the contract lay solely with A CLASS TRAVEL and a cancellation surcharge may be applied if deemed necessary to recover costs. Insufficient numbers for group booking is seen not to be the liability of A CLASS TRAVEL and may result in surcharges being applied. In order for the contract to be complete all parties involved must be in agreement with the above terms and conditions.